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Onebridge has the tools and experience to help manufacturing companies overcome the hurdles of data modernization so they can have the analytics and intelligence they need to ensure quality, optimize performance, reduce costs, manage supply chains, and stay competitive. From migrating legacy systems, to integrating data across your organization, our team can tackle the greatest data and digital infrastructure challenges.

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The Foundation of Modern Manufacturing is Data

The rise of AI, Industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has put growing pressure on manufacturing companies to stay competitive by leveraging data. While many have tried, no "out of the box" solution solves the complex challenges manufacturers face in utilizing data. A strong foundation for data incorporates people, process, and technology, each tailored to the needs, resources, and desired outcomes of the organization.

Comprehensive Data Strategy

Don't settle for "duct tape" data solutions that solve one problem at a time, only to have two more pop-up later. Onebridge brings a strategic and holistic approach, along with years of experience, to our data solutions.

Legacy Software and System Management

Our diverse team of engineers and consultants have collectively worked with almost any system you can throw at us. From punched cards to "green screens," our team doesn't get scared off by words like "COBOL."

Sustainable Data Integration

Onebridge works with a large variety of data warehouse and integration partners. We know the best practices for building a data infrastructure that can stand the test of time, be flexible, adapt to change, and grow with your business.

Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

Good data in, good data out. AI and Machine Learning can deliver a huge competitive edge with optimized performance and predictive insights. However, all this is only possible with a solid foundation of quality and trust-worthy data.

Frustrated with Industry 4.0?

Financial Planning and Analytics

Every time there is a rush of innovation in an industry, it comes with equal parts new problems and new solutions. Industry 4.0 and IoT represent a rush of new technologies, software, and solutions, all promising to modernize or improve your operations. The greatest challenge most manufacturers face is that none of them really get along very well.

Onebridge is a company focused on data. For manufacturing, that means we help with these common challenges:

  • Migrating and preserving legacy data
  • Data warehouse and data cloud engineering
  • Data and application integration
  • Data modeling and architecture
  • Data quality management

Don't leave your data in the hands of third-party vendors or locked up in disparate systems. Before you dive into your next big digital solution or software upgrade, let Onebridge help you establish a reliable and sustainable foundation for your data.

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