Advanced Analytics

Onebridge attracts and retains the best minds in data analytics and data science. Our consultants have the expertise to handle any of your needs for machine learning, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, failure prediction, and resource optimization. We are passionate problem solvers and experienced data engineers.

Transforming Data Into Intelligence - Analytics Services

Predictive and Statistical modeling

Onebridge has the team you need to get more from your data. Our data scientists can help you predict buying behavior, detect fraud, improve diagnostics, produce financial forecasts, and better understand your customers.

Machine Learning and Operationalization

Machine learning puts your data to work to bring value to your organization. With our ML Ops experience, our team can help you deploy and maintain machine learning models in production reliably and efficiently.

Augmented Analytics

Onebridge can help you augment your data analytics with anomaly detection, alerts, and proactive insights. Augment analytics ensures you don't miss important events and emerging trends in your data critical to your business and operations.

Prescriptive Intelligence

Turn your data into your one of your most trusted business advisors. We combine our business intelligence and data analytics experience to evolve your data into a resource for prescriptive insights that help you make effective and timely decisions.

Applying Machine Learning and AI Solutions to Business Outcomes

Our advanced analytics team has been built pulling resources with real-world experience implementing data science projects.  We follow the CRISP-DM methodology which starts first and foremost with the business understanding of the question or challenge at hand.  In doing so, we help customers focus on the value of what will be delivered. 

We also understand that the quantity and quality of data is not always sufficient to produce meaningful results, and one absolutely key step after identifying a meaningful business case it to examine the data that would support it.  With all of the hype around machine learning and deep learning, we do not overpromise. 

We are transparent about the current state of your data and its readiness to produce a meaningful result.  Sometimes additional processes to collect additional data must be put in place.  Sometimes data quality remediation is before doing any modeling.  Overall our focus is on delivering value to your business, and being honest with you about what it will take to get that value.

Additionally, our advanced analytics team is capable of delivering leveraging using one or a combination of a variety of languages and platforms including Alteryx, Azure ML Studio, Azure ML Services, R, and Python.  Onebridge maintains partnerships with Alteryx, Snowflake, Tableau, and Microsoft to allow us to more effectively train our consultants in their respective technologies, while also giving us line of sight to upcoming roadmap features and functionality that will best help our clients.

Flexible Engagement Models

At Onebridge, we believe in the value of Service. We offer a variety of engagement models to make it as easy as possible to get started working with us at whatever level you are ready. We are always willing to start small and earn your confidence.

Strategic Consulting

Our seasoned and experienced senior consultants provide guidance for organizations to understand and align their data and business strategy to build a roadmap for moving forward.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering combines implementation, application development, operation/support, and DIY training services to provide a flexible delivery model that maximizes your investment.


Our project-based model focuses on creating and delivering specific solutions within a defined scope and time frame at a fixed and predictable price.

Talent Management

Our in-house technical recruiting capacity and focus on attracting, retaining, and developing the most experienced consultants and engineers makes us unique in our ability to consistently grow, augment, and scale your teams.

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