Data Integration and Interoperability with MuleSoft and Onebridge

Onebridge is your partner for MuleSoft implementations, integration, and data management. Our team has been helping enterprise clients get control over their data for over 17 years. From legacy systems to modern API development, we have the experience in getting your data siloes and systems to get along and work together.

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Why We Partner with MuleSoft

Accelerated Integration

We aren't afraid of getting our hands dirty with data. In fact, have been writing ETL/ELT scripts, custom APIs, and creatively "duck taping" data together for almost two decades.

But there is no reason to do things the hard way when you don't have to. MuleSoft provides a whole catalog of ready-to-go integrations tools and accelerators to lower costs and speed up time-to-value.

Stability and Maintenance

Bringing all your data together isn't a one-time task. There are always updates, changes, migrations, and new requirements to manage. The world of data is rapidly changing, and your business needs to keep up with it.

Using MuleSoft means you get to benefit from all the work of their own team as they update integrations and APIs. This allows you to focus on the needs specific to your business.

Effecient Architecture

MuleSoft enables a "Service Mesh" architecture that mediates and manages data, while providing an extra layer of security.

This architecture means that while your data is unified across all your systems, it doesn't have to download in-bulk to a single location. This minimizes security risks, reduces duplicate data, and user access can be managed before data is queried.

MuleSoft & MASA - Multi-Application and Service Architecture

Also known as a "Service Mesh," MASA is our recommended approach to quickly modernizing your data and applications. In a nutshell, it means building a middle-layer between all your data sources (enterprise applications, ERPs, CMS, etc.) and your users. The allows you to work with your current systems, and add new ones, while providing modern access and interfaces such as mobile and web to your users. It means less investment, and less time, to get the value you need, all while allowing you to be agile and make continuous improvement.

As you can see, modern applications must support multiple experiences, and they must be agile enough to enable developers to rapidly deliver new capabilities to capitalize on digital business opportunities. MASA ensures that an application’s backend is agile and customizable. The backend consists of multiple independent modules (that is, services) that developers can create, update and replace rapidly and orchestrate to support distinct workflows.

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