Marketing and Customer Analytics

Marketing, customer, and sales data continues to be a growing challenge for many organizations. While there's a lot of data being provided by modern advertising, CRM, and POS systems, bringing that data together in a way that useful and provides real customer insights is quite difficult. Onebridge can help you fix the gaps in your reporting to get a full customer journey or "Customer 360" view of your data.

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Customer 360

From impressions to visits to conversions, and through the entire sales process, Onebridge can fill gaps and integrate your data so that you gain clarity into the full customer journey withinyour market.

Data Quality

Customer, sales, and marketing data is often being collected and used across multiple teams. That can lead to inconsistency, errors, and duplication. We have the data management tools and best practices to ensure you can trust your data.

Full-Stack Integration

The diverse team of engineers at Onebridge has the experience to capture and integrate data through your entire marketing and sales tech stack. From front-end cookies and ad data, to backend CMS, ERP, and app tracking data.

Visualizing the Story

Onebridge understands the customer journey is an experience. Within that experience, the obstacles and incentives that discourage or attract customers are revealed. We approach data with the goal of making your customer's journey clear.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Financial Planning and Analytics

Most reports you get from MarTech and SaaS solutions tell you WHAT is happening, but seldom helps you understand WHY it is happening. The Onebridge team not only has the technical capabilities to bring all your data together, but the understanding to present that data in a way that helps reveal your customer's journey. This means you can use your data to make better decisions about your marketing and sales initiatives -- and do so in ways that make a real difference and contribute to improved outcomes.

Turning Customer Data Into Sales and Marketing Success

Most marketers miss out on the fact that they have a lot of good marketing data, usually within their reach, but they just don’t have the tools to use it.

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  • Real-world examples of major companies leveraging data to better understand and respond to their market
  • What to expect from marketing and customer data, and what misconceptions are common in the industry
  • Best practices for using customer data for segmentation, insight, and outreach
  • Industry leading tools and technology for collecting, integrating, and gaining insight from customer and market data

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