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Onebridge is a BI, Data Analytics, and Enterprise Application Development consulting firm. We’ve served some of the largest healthcare, life-sciences, manufacturing, financial services, and government entities in the U.S. for over 15 years. 100% Employee owned and operated, Onebridge is a top “Best Places to Work” in Indianapolis for six years in a row.

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We Build Analytics Capabilities...

With Our People

Our focus is on attracting, retaining, and developing the best consultants in business intelligence and data analytics to offer data strategy and data enablement services.

Throughout Your Organization

Our expertise in enterprise application development and change management will help your organization grow its data analytics capabilities.

In Your Team

We offer total talent management solutions. Our in-house technical recruiting capacity makes us unique in our ability to consistently grow and scale your teams.

OK, Here's What We REALLY Do...

We're In This Together

Onebridge is doing our part to reduce the risk of contagion by practicing organization-wide social distancing through remote work. Thankfully, our culture, processes, and technology partners allow us to work effectively as a remote team. But we know that for many organizations and employees, this is a very sudden and unexpected transition. Enabling remote work is a significant transformation for any organization to make.

We can use our experience to help your organization work better as a distributed team. The links below detail how our services can build your team’s remote capabilities through better data, tech integration, and flexible talent solutions. We're in this together, so let us know how our team can help yours!

Data Analytics

  • Pair MS Teams with Power BI to create remote workforce transparency
  • Simplify remote development work with Agile-based project management dashboards
  • Enable better remote decision-making with a clear Data Enablement plan

Enterprise App Dev

  • Fill workflow gaps by unifying tech stacks and conforming data across all your software and locations
  • Facilitate remote business services through customer-facing web apps
  • Automate processes with a custom SharePoint and MS Power Apps intranet

Total Talent Management

  • Onebridge is I-9 certified and experienced in growing remote teams for our clients
  • We utilize two-way video interviewing to effectively vet remote applicants.
  • Onebridge can facilitate virtual on-boarding processes for your organization

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