Onebridge Acquired by Marlabs, a Global Digital Solutions Company

Onebridge, a leading AI and data analytics firm based in Indianapolis, has been acquired by Marlabs LLC, a global powerhouse in digital consultancy. While Onebridge continues to operate with our distinct focus on data analytics and AI, this alliance brings unparalleled opportunities.

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Supporting the Full Life-Cycle of Data and Analytics

Onebridge, a Marlabs company, is an AI and data analytics consulting firm. We’ve served some of the largest healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, financial services, and government entities in the U.S. for over 18 years. We've rated among the top “Best Places to Work” in Indianapolis for eight years in a row!


Onebridge helps clients build data strategies that address all aspects required to deliver real value and business outcomes. We use our expertise and proven processes to ensure your success.


Our team of data consultants and engineers can help you achieve your goals from data migration, data warehousing, data management app integration, and advanced analytics.


Data impacts every area of your organization. Onebridge offers organizational change management, training, and workshops to help enable successful data-driven teams.

Your Full-Service Data Analytics Consulting Partner

Onebridge is focused on data, because data is a whole world in itself. We are the partner you need when you need to rely on your data.
Data Strategy Consulting


Your data strategy should address technology, process, people, organizational, and adoption considerations that will ultimately help you make better decisions based on your data.
Data Management Solutions

Data Management

Onebridge can guide your organization through the best practices of Master Data Management (MDM), data governance, and building a data-literate organization.
Data Warehouse and Data Engineering

Data Warehouse & Engineering

Our data engineers can help your organization select and implement the right solutions for data warehouse migrations, modernization, and automation at any scale.
Data and App Integration

Data & App Integration

From customer portals, to intranets, to systems integrations, we’ve got an excellent track record helping organizations fill in technology gaps and designing solutions focused on business outcomes.
Advanced Analytics

AI Readiness & Enablement

With the rise of artificial intelligence as a transformative force across industries, our mission is to ensure your organization is not just prepared but primed to harness the full potential of AI technologies.
BI Dashboards and Visualizations

Dashboards & Visualizations

Our team is committed to developing best practices for presenting data in a way that is accessible and understandable. This includes dashboards, data marts, and self-service analytics.

Onebridge is focused on data and analytics, and our services are all centered around the goal of helping our clients succeed in achieving the outcomes they need from their data initiatives. Our offerings have been refined through experience serving enterprise organizations to address all aspects of data strategy, including people, process, and technology. Whether it is a single project, ongoing management, or team augmentation, Onebridge has the experience and resources to help you succeed.

MAP (Modern Analytics Platform)

MAP (Modern Analytics Platform) is a data strategy framework Onebridge developed to help enterprise organizations fully realize the promise and power of data-driven decision intelligence. Over time, we've learned that successful data initiatives require a holistic approach that encompasses people, processes, technology, and data. So we built and tested MAP as a customizable, proven road map. We use it to help you assess, plan, guide, and execute enterprise-level data strategy. We shorten the process using accelerators and custom solutions that we built to solve recurring challenges.

Onebridge Data Strategy Framework

A Better Way to Approach Data Strategy

Here you see that MAP encompasses the entire journey your organization must travel to get to your destination. What's that destination? Reliable, effective decision intelligence that improves business outcomes.

We break down your journey into strategy, execution, and enablement, and you can see the components within each category. By customizing a roadmap specifically for you, we give you and all your stakeholders a clear understanding of where you stand and what you need to do next.

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INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHT: Healthcare Analytics

Onebridge works with enterprise organizations across a variety of industries, but healthcare and life-sciences were one of the first industries to adopt data-driven intelligence on a large scale. Because of this, we have extensive experience supporting healthcare and life-science organizations with data analytics and business intelligence challenges.

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Onebridge is technology-agnostic in our approach to data analytics consulting. Our recommendations are always based on what is best for your needs and situation. That said, we keep active partnerships with many industry-leading data solutions. These partnerships ensure our team is educated and equipped to fully leverage in-demand tools and technology.

Below are examples of how we work to add value with our partners. If you need help vetting potential solutions or want assistance is deploying one you have already selected, Onebridge will ensure you get the fastest time-to-value and fully leverage the benefits and features of your technology.

Profisee Partner

Build a Data Management Business Case with Onebridge

Master Data Management is the foundation of an effective and sustainable data strategy. Too many organizations short-change or skip this critical step due to the difficulty and time involved. With Profisee, Onebridge can help your organization establish an MDM strategy that is automated and monitored. At no cost, Onebridge and Profisee will help you build a business case for Master Data Management in your organization.

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Power BI Services

We Wrote the Book on Power BI

Onebridge has not only helped many enterprise organizations migrate and optimize their business intelligence reports and visualizations to Power BI. To demonstrate our expertise, our own Senior Engineer, Jeremey Arnold published the first Power BI book from O'Reilly publishing.

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Snowflake Partner

Accelerate Your Migration to the Cloud

The certified Snowflake architects at Onebridge have the experience help you get the most out of your cloud migration and shorten your time-to-value. Our consultants help you to create a completely holistic data warehousing solution that serves all of your organization’s needs.

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