Data Strategies Focused on Outcomes

Data has evolved into a critical business function for enterprise organizations. At the least, data is the nervous system of your operations, and for many data is a critical part of their products or services. While many mistakenly think of data as a technology challenge, the reality is that reliable data is the end result of people, process, and technology all working together. The majority (85%) of large data initiatives are doomed to fail without a holistic plan and strategic approach to their data.

That's why Onebridge helps clients build data strategies that address all aspects required to deliver real value and business outcomes. We use our expertise and proven processes to ensure your success.

TRUST Your Data

Build confidence that your data accurately reflects reality. That's the first priority in an effective data strategy for any organization.

Onebridge offers Data Governance, Data Quality Management, Metadata Curation, and Master Data Management solutions.

Supply Your Data

Ensure that your data can be accessed by the right people at the right time. That's the main goal of your data infrastructure.

Our engineers are experienced in Data Warehouses, Data Architecture, and Data Integration to handle your entire supply chain of data.

Analyze Your Data

Present your data in a way that is readable and relevant to your business objectives. Then your team can make smarter decisions.

Our BI consultants not only build meaningful dashboards, but also demonstrate how to reveal insights that improve outcomes.

What is MAP and How Can it Help You?

MAP (Modern Analytics Platform) is a data strategy framework Onebridge developed to help enterprise organizations fully realize the promise and power of data-driven decision intelligence. Over time, we've learned that successful data initiatives require a holistic approach that encompasses people, processes, technology, and data. So we built and tested MAP as a customizable, proven road map. We use it to help you assess, plan, guide, and execute enterprise-level data strategy. We shorten the process using accelerators and custom solutions that we built to solve recurring challenges.

The MAP Framework "Roadmaps" Your Data Strategy

This is a great video to get a quick and simple introduction to MAP and COMPASS. Andrew covers the main components of MAP and what our COMPASS process looks like and involves. MAP encompasses the entire journey your organization must travel to get to your destination. What's that destination? Reliable, effective decision intelligence that improves business outcomes.

Andrew talks about how we break down your journey into strategy, execution, and enablement, and you can see the components within each category. By customizing a roadmap specifically for you, we give you and all your stakeholders a clear understanding of where you stand and what you need to do next. When everyone is aligned, the process is more effective, efficient, and successful!


MAP begins with a strategic foundation to ensure we’ve asked and answered all the important questions about how you trust your data, supply your data, and analyze your data. Our process reveals and defines the path forward, and includes data governance, platform selection, and business-value alignment.


Once the strategy is clear, we look at the tactical requirements needed to meet your objectives. After a plan is in place, our team can deliver a complete, end-to-end data and analytics solution, or fill in the gaps based on your current needs. We use process and technology accelerators to deliver results more efficiently.


At the heart of enablement is Organizational Change Management (OCM). OCM includes guiding the adoption, accessibility, and education of your data strategy throughout your team. Our team can help accelerate this process by providing support, training, education, and user adoption.

Get Started the Right Way

Successfully executing a data strategy is a daunting task for all sizes of organizations, but especially at the enterprise level. With all the parts and pieces that need to fit into place across your people, processes, and technology, it’s no wonder so many data initiatives fail.

Our COMPASS (Comprehensive MAP Assessment) evaluation uses MAP to provide a clear path to get you started on your unique journey. With these tools, we can meet your organizational needs at any level, taking you from where you stand now to becoming a data-driven force that leverages decision intelligence.

COMPASS’ comprehensive evaluation process includes gathering input from all stakeholders in your organization, performing a full inventory of your current data and technology stack, and building a custom MAP that visually lays out where you are and the steps to take you where you need to go. The image above shows there are many leading partners we work with, but we only choose the ones that best fit your unique needs.

The process takes between 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on your size, technology infrastructure, and business objectives. Undergoing data modernization, or what some call “digital transformation,” is a massive undertaking for all organizations. We’ve learned that taking time up front to plan your data strategy, execution, and enablement will get you to your desired business outcomes so much faster. Planning ensures the end results deliver the insights and intelligence that will bring value to your organization and drive effective decision-making.

An Experienced Guide for
Data Strategy

Onebridge has refined our process and framework through years of experience and hundreds of projects. We’ve served some of the largest healthcare, life-sciences, manufacturing, financial services, and government entities in the U.S. for over 17 years.

We're 100% employee owned and operated, and we've ranked among the top “Best Places to Work” in Indianapolis for eight years in a row. We've built and  attract a team of the brightest, most innovative minds around. We differ from competitors in that our employee owners are highly motivated to help you succeed. We thrive on solving your problems!

We eliminate the most common mistakes and oversights that most organizations make when starting from scratch. Our COMPASS engagements deliver the most complete and reliable data strategies in the industry. This ensures not only the technical success of your data initiative, but organizational buy-in and stability through long-term projects.

If you’re starting a new data initiative, strategy, or just working to fix a previously failed endeavor, we recommend you contact us today. One of our consultants will be happy to answer questions and help you make sense of what to do to derive value from your data.

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