Have You Encountered the "Data Hydra?"

Market demands are pushing organizations to do more with data. We understand that as you dive deeper into data management and analytics you start to recognize the complexities that arise. It begins to feel like for every problem or issue you try to solve with your data, two more pop-up.

Maybe you started with trying to create nice dashboards for reporting, only to find out the data has problems with duplication, accuracy, or reliability? Maybe you tried to bring all your data together into a data warehouse, only to discover that the data is formatted differently in each source? Maybe you can't even get your different systems to talk to each other?

We liken this challenge to fighting the mythical hydra, a beast that grows two heads for every one you chop off, each of which poses its own unique challenge. You attack one, only to be surprised by another. What are you supposed to do?

Download Our Comic Book

This is a full-sized 32-page comic book with an original story and hand-drawn illustrations. It's an action-packed struggle any IT or data professional can relate to and even get a couple laughs.

We usually don't "gate" our content here, but this is worth a little information exchange. Also, if you are looking for help with your data needs and end up scheduling a call with one of our consultants, we will gladly mail you a physical copy upon request.

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ONEBRIDGE: A Partner Focused on Data

Onebridge is a team of passionate employee owners who help the people we serve look like superheroes in their organization through data and technology. Our experienced team of consultants and engineers can help you throughout the entire life-cycle of data, including strategy, execution, and enablement.

Data is growing challenge for any organization, often requiring capacity and capabilities they don't readily have in-house. That is why Onebridge designed a flexible engagement structure offering strategic consulting, project, managed services, and talent augmentation options. We can meet you and your team wherever you are and help you move forward in your data initiatives.

We’ve served some of the largest healthcare, life-sciences, manufacturing, financial services, and government entities in the U.S. for over 17 years. 100% Employee owned and operated, Onebridge is a top “Best Places to Work” in Indianapolis for eight years in a row.
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