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Onebridge has helped hundreds of enterprise organizations achieve their business goals with data. One of the greatest challenges in any data strategy is getting all your data sources working together. We have found Fivetran to be an effective solution for many of our clients, and we have the team and expertise to help you get up and running quickly and smoothly.

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Why We Partner With Fivetran

Simplicity and Acceleration

With a huge directory of existing connections and exhaustive compatibility with major cloud data solutions, Fivetran provides both simplicity and acceleration to any ELT or data integration project. Using Fivetran also cuts down on maintenance and upkeep as you grow your data strategy.

Automated Data Transformations

Fivetran provides versatile and intuitive solutions for data transformation. From integrated scheduling to data lineage graphs, to automated alerts and notifications, Fivetran gives you unparalleled transparency and control over your data pipeline.

Discrete Security and Access

As a go-between from data sources to your BI and analytics solutions, Fivetran adds an effective layer of security, encryption, and access control tools. This enables you to encrypt your entire data pipeline, control data access, and anonymize personal data.

If Fivetran Right for Your Needs?

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