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In this video, Senior Specialist, Bradley Nielsen shares his experience with natural language processing and how he learned to utilize and love GPT. Using his 12 year of experience, Master's Degree in Human Computer Interaction and experience with data science and artificial intelligence, Nielsen explores how basic knowledge of machine learning can establish a greater understanding of artificial intelligence to better understand and use tools like GPT.

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In this video, Senior Consultant, Kelly discusses one of her favorite topics, Organizational Change Management. Kelly defines OCM and discusses what it can look like on both the organizational and individual level. She also reviews how the OCM process will play out in real life applications.

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MAP (Modern Analytics Platform) is a data strategy framework Onebridge developed to help enterprise organizations fully realize the promise and power of data-driven decision intelligence. Over time, we've learned that successful data initiatives require a holistic approach that encompasses people, processes, technology, and data. So we built and tested MAP as a customizable, proven road map. We use it to help you assess, plan, guide, and execute enterprise-level data strategy. We shorten the process using accelerators and custom solutions that we built to solve recurring challenges. Learn more at

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Comic Book: Onebridge and YOU vs. THE DATA HYDRA!

Up for an adventure? Check out our full-sized, 32-page comic book with an original story and hand-drawn illustrations. It's an action-packed struggle that any IT or data professional can relate to, and you'll even get a couple laughs.

We usually don't "gate" our content here, but this is worth a little information exchange. Also, if you're looking for help with your data needs and end up scheduling a call with one of our consultants, we will gladly mail you a physical copy upon request.

Click below to request a download of our comic book!

Onebridge Comic Book Download Page

Flock of SQLs - Who Said Data Can't Be Funny?

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