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Find out why a data warehouse is the only way to solve modern marketing analytics challenges and get a 360-degree view of your customer, as explained by Chris, Onebridge Dir. of Marketing.

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Why use Fivetran to move your data to a centralized data warehouse? The answer lies in ELT vs. ETL and we’ll explain here. We’ll also talk about why Fivetran integrated dbt into their tool.

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How do you migrate your on-prem data warehouse data to the cloud a little at a time without impacting user experience? Denodo virtualization is a great strategy, explains Andrew, VP of Data Analytics Solutions at Onebridge.

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Comic Book: Onebridge and YOU vs. THE DATA HYDRA!

Up for an adventure? Check out our full-sized, 32-page comic book with an original story and hand-drawn illustrations. It's an action-packed struggle that any IT or data professional can relate to, and you'll even get a couple laughs.

We usually don't "gate" our content here, but this is worth a little information exchange. Also, if you're looking for help with your data needs and end up scheduling a call with one of our consultants, we will gladly mail you a physical copy upon request.

Click below to request a download of our comic book!

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