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Few industries have as straight a line from data to profit as retail. From inventory optimization to customer segmentation to demand trends and market patterns, being able to learn from and leverage your data is critical to success. Onebridge has the framework, the expertise, and the technology partners you need to bring all your data together into real-time insights that drive effective business decisions.

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The Growing Data Challenges for Retail

Healthcare Data Management

Big Data to Data Overload

Having access to lots of data can sound really good at first, and retailers have been the first to benefit from what is often called "big data." However, many retail business users struggle to use this data due to its large files, data sets, and complex structures.


Traditional spreadsheet software is usually overwhelmed by extremely large data sets. Slow responsiveness, crashing issues, and other complications leads to increasing incidents of corrupt or lost data.

Manual PRocesses and Loss of Quality

Many business users in retail are left to manually merge, combine, and consolidate all the data they use. This opens the flood gates for human error and inaccuracy, not to mention the energy spent on all this reduces the time for actually working with the data itself to pull key insights and make effective decisions.

A Better Way to Interact with Your Data

Don't Struggle with Your Data Alone

Data Integration

Onebridge has the experience, talent, and tools to integrate data together from across any landscape. We have worked with everything from old legacy systems with "green screens" to the most modern data services and enterprise systems. Learn more...

Data MAnagement

Onebridge is unique in the data analytics space are not only focused on data but have developed our own framework and processes for effective data management solutions. We incorporate people, processes, and technology to ensure you can trust your data. Learn more...

Advanced Analytics

The added benefit of having a great data strategy is that it enables your organization to leverage the best of modern data advances in analytics. Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to stay ahead of the market and your competition. Learn more...

Flexible Engagement Models

Every hospital treats patients, but not all hospitals treat the same patients or treat patients the same way. Every healthcare organization has challenges and data unique to itself and its community. To be the best data partner for healthcare, Onebridge offers a wide variety of flexible engagement models so we can meet you where you are. We handle full project initiatives or augment to your own team as needed with additional capacity or capabilities.

Strategic Consulting

Onebridge offers senior consultants experienced in healthcare. They take time to understand your organization and help you navigate decisions about data strategy and change management.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering combines implementation, application development, operation/support, and DIY training services to provide a flexible delivery model that maximizes your investment.


Our project-based model focuses on creating and delivering specific solutions within a defined scope and time frame, and you get this at a fixed and predictable price.

Talent Management

Our in-house technical recruiting capacity and our focus on attracting, retaining, and developing the most experienced consultants and engineers makes us unique in our ability to consistently grow, augment, and scale your teams.

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