Webinar with Wherescape: Don’t Overlook Data Warehouse Automation for Critical Data-Driven Projects


September 23, 2020


Live webinar



Fast, agile, insightful reporting to the business combined with providing next-level service and drive stickiness with customers has never been more crucial than right now. However many businesses are having a difficult time making sense of data due to its complexity, disparity, or the sheer volume of new and existing data sets. How are you currently: -Responding to rapidly changing reporting requirements? -Supporting the business through modernization or adaptation of your data infrastructure? -Keeping pace with data governance practices and demonstrating compliance? -WhereScape and Onebridge can help. Join us and see how the combination of Onebridge’s industry-leading consulting expertise and WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation gives you unprecedented insight into, and control over, your data warehouse environment so you can: -Swiftly model, design and prototype data architectures faster than ever and deliver essential insight to the business -Future proof your infrastructure thanks to a metadata-driven approach than means you can easily evolve, expand and port to new platforms in future -Automatically get full data source lineage, including track back, track forward, and impact analysis to securely meet compliance/regulatory requirements

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