Trends and Challenges in Healthcare Data Analytics

In this video, Senior Director of Analytic Solutions, Srini reviews current trends of data analytics in the healthcare industry. He teaches you how to better understand ways to integrate data from various sources and tackle some of the most common data challenges providers face today.

Core Components of MDM - A Walk Through Master Data Management

If you've been trying to implement Master Data Management in your business, but don't know where to start or what to do, look no further. In this video, Senior Solution Architect, Woodie Faler walks through the core components of establishing a successful Master Data Management solution for your organization.

Common Misconceptions of Master Data Management

Have you been trying to create a successful MDM solution for your business? In this video, Woodie, Senior Solutions Architect at Onebridge debunks common misconceptions of Master Data Management and explains you can use MDM to enrich and promote your organization’s data quality.

What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

Woodie, Senior Solutions Architect at Onebridge, talks about understanding Master Data Management. In this video you will learn why organizations need an MDM approach to data and the value it brings.

Why is a Data Warehouse Vital for Marketing Analytics?

Find out why a data warehouse is the only way to solve modern marketing analytics challenges and get a 360-degree view of your customer, as explained by Chris, Onebridge Dir. of Marketing.

Why Fivetran? ETL versus ELT Explained

Why use Fivetran to move your data to a centralized data warehouse? The answer lies in ELT vs. ETL and we’ll explain here. We’ll also talk about why Fivetran integrated dbt into their tool.

Data Virtualization in a Hybrid Environment

How do you migrate your on-prem data warehouse data to the cloud a little at a time without impacting user experience? Denodo virtualization is a great strategy, explains Andrew, VP of Data Analytics Solutions at Onebridge.

What to Think About When Planning a Data Warehouse

The right way to build a data warehouse is by thinking it through strategically. Andrew, Onebridge VP of Data Solutions, talks about what you need to consider, the order of the decisions you make, and what impacts your choices.

How Fivetran Accelerates Data Integration

Are you interested or thinking about using Fivetran to help with data integration needs? In this video, Senior Data Engineer at Onebridge, Bradley, talks about the pros, cons, and applications of Fivetran for enterprise data needs.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Data

VP of Data Analytics Solutions at Onebridge, Andrew, discusses why taking a strategic approach to data is critical to success in any data initiative, and why people and process are just as important to data as technology.

Use Semantics for More Effective Customer Segmentation

Most people know about traditional demographics like location, age, gender, etc., but few understand how semantics (how people talk about things and the words they use) is often the most meaningful and effective way of grouping and understanding your customers. However, this method requires a completely new way to collect and report on your data.