Data & Application Integration

The experienced development team at Onebridge builds solutions focused on streamlining business processes and improving your customers’ experience. From software integrations, to customer portals, to building data marts and catalogs, our team has a strong track record for helping organizations fill in technology gaps. We support and integrate ERPs, CMS, and legacy enterprise systems.

A Development Team That Understands Business

Real Experience

Our team has decades of experience working in industries like healthcare, life science, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, and government. We understand and appreciate how the solutions we build need to function in the real world.

Agile and Collaborative

Onebridge’s approach to enterprise application development is agile and collaborative, reducing time to benefits by building applications that deliver incremental value with a user-friendly interface.

Legacy Support

As part of our enterprise experience, the team at Onebridge has worked with many legacy systems and platforms. We can help you migrate to modern systems or meet you where you are to keep operations running smoothly.


Our data integration team takes data security seriously. Our HIPAA, PHI and government or industry regulated expertise means our solutions always meet and exceed compliance standards and give you control over your data and user access.

MASA - Multi-Application and Service Architecture

Also known as a "Service Mesh," MASA is our recommended approach to quickly modernizing your data and applications. In a nutshell, it means building a middle-layer between all your data sources (enterprise applications, ERPs, CMS, etc.) and your users. The allows you to work with your current systems, and add new ones, while providing modern access and interfaces such as mobile and web to your users. It means less investment, and less time, to get the value you need, all while allowing you to be agile and make continuous improvement.

As you can see, modern applications must support multiple experiences, and they must be agile enough to enable developers to rapidly deliver new capabilities to capitalize on digital business opportunities. MASA ensures that an application’s backend is agile and customizable. The backend consists of multiple independent modules (that is, services) that developers can create, update and replace rapidly and orchestrate to support distinct workflows.

Flexible Engagement Models

At Onebridge, we believe in the value of Service. We offer a variety of engagement models to make it as easy as possible to get started working with us at whatever level you are ready. We are always willing to start small and earn your confidence.

Strategic Consulting

Our seasoned and experienced senior consultants provide guidance for organizations to understand and align their data and business strategy to build a roadmap for moving forward.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offering combines implementation, application development, operation/support, and DIY training services to provide a flexible delivery model that maximizes your investment.


Our project-based model focuses on creating and delivering specific solutions within a defined scope and time frame at a fixed and predictable price.

Talent Management

Our in-house technical recruiting capacity and focus on attracting, retaining, and developing the most experienced consultants and engineers makes us unique in our ability to consistently grow, augment, and scale your teams.

A Powerful Partnership

Onebridge is a Microsoft Partner with experience in the Power Apps suite, .NET, Azure, and Office 365 integrated solutions.

Power Apps is a relatively new solution, but already has a great track record for Enterprise Applications. It can often replace and improve on many third-party solutions your business might be using to manage gaps, integrate systems, or collect data.

No matter where you are starting from, Onebridge can meet you where you are at and help your business progress in digital transformation to leverage the cloud, no-code and low-code applications, and responsive IU/UX for your enterprise systems.

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