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Onebridge helps organizations create a framework for managing their data that aligns with their business goals and objectives. Our consultants provide guidance on best practices for data collection, storage, analysis, and use, and help establish guidelines for data quality, security, privacy, and ethical use.

Data Governance Services

Data Governance STRATEGY

Onebridge consultants can help organizations develop a comprehensive data governance strategy that aligns with their business goals and objectives.

We have experience designing the governance framework for data management, including policies, procedures, and standards for data collection, storage, analysis, and use.


Can you trust your data? Data governance and Master Data Management (MDM) go hand-in-hand.

Data governance policies can define the rules and processes for creating, updating, and deleting master data, while MDM technology can enforce these rules and ensure that master data is accurate, complete, and consistent.

Training and Support

A strategy doesn't do any good if it only lives on paper. Adoption and adherence is critical to the success of data governance initiatives.

Our consultants provide training, support, workshops, and coaching to help employees understand and comply with data governance policies and procedures.

Data Governance Foundation Accelerator

LEGEND is a series of accelerators from our MAP framework. Our data governance accelerator is a comprehensive program that helps organizations establish effective foundation for data governance quickly and easily. It provides a set of pre-built templates, tools, and best practices that are tailored to your organization's specific needs, enabling you to jumpstart your data governance initiative and achieve results faster. If your organization is struggling to get a data governance strategy off-the-ground, this is an accessible first step.

Establish a Foundation to Grow Your Data Governance Strategy

  • DG Roles and Responsibilities
  • Data Catalog Platform Selection Guide
  • Sample DG Procedures
  • Sample DG Policies
  • Sample Data Quality Rules
  • Sample Data Quality Management Plan
  • Sample Data Governance Council Agenda
  • Steward Training
  • Sample Charter
  • Owner Training

Build an MDM Business Case
Master Data Management a critical component of an effective and sustainable data governance strategy. Too many organizations short-change or skip this critical step due to the difficulty and time involved.

Onebridge partners with Profisee to help your organization establish an MDM strategy that is automated and monitored. At no cost, Onebridge and Profisee will help you build a business case for Master Data Management in your organization.

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