Does "Data Strategy" Sound Scary?

October 8, 2021
October 18, 2021

The sky is dark, the moon is full. Trick-or-treaters descend upon the land on a brisk October night. Drawn by the mesmerizing force of candy, they proceed down the road in droves, giving no thought to anything but the next few houses.  

But some break the spell. They have a strategy. They sprint to the nicer section of the neighborhood where they give out full-sized candy bars. They prioritize the streets that pass out goody bags stuffed with chocolates. They race to the courts where adults gather around a fire pit, leaving their candy bowls on table for kids to “take a few” from each.  

Trick or Treat

Is one of these approaches similar to how you collect data in your organization?

When it comes to data, not having a strategy is like being a trick-or-treater who doesn’t know which houses to prioritize at the start of the evening.

At the end of the night, kids without a plan must sift through a bunch of hard candies and Bit-O-Honeys just to find those delicious bite-size candy bars. But kids with a strategy feast on an abundance of premium chocolates, king-size Hershey bars, and bags of M&Ms.  

At Onebridge, we want you to reap the rewards of a solid data strategy. To help you, we’ve written a whitepaper that spells out how to develop a data strategy so you can stop chasing one-off data projects as they come, with no sense of where you’re headed.

Data Strategy

Download the Data Strategy whitepaper, and we’ll walk you through:

  • What a data strategy is and why it’s so crucial.
  • Guiding principles to follow as you create your strategy.
  • How to actually build and implement a roadmap.
  • The urgency of creating a data strategy.
  • An example of a data strategy done right.

No matter where you stand, you can move to a state where everyone on your team has access to the right data at the right time to make better decisions. Take a look, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have because, unlike a trick-or-treating strategy, a data strategy is a necessity.  

Thanks for reading. Happy October and happy Halloween 2021!


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