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July 2, 2020
September 16, 2022

We’ve all been getting used to spending a lot more time at home, and we’re starting to settle into new routines. For many, hobbies are wearing thin – if you’re craving a challenge or feeling a little stir-crazy, try giving your brain a little exercise. Now is the perfect time to add to your remote work portfolio by learning some new skills.

A solid foundation in computer and data science can make you a stronger analyst, citizen data scientist, or business user partnering with data experts. If you need to brush up on some core data analytics-related concepts or learn how to use a specific technology, there are some great resources available this summer that can help. Here are the best free programs around the web for remote learning:

Tableau eLearning allows you to become a Tableau expert by learning from other experts.These courses are interactive and allow you to learn at your own pace. They are designed to teach Tableau to users of any skill level and tailored to specific roles so learners don’t get bogged down by information they don’t need. Tableau offers a free trial for eLearning so you can see if it’s right for you without any commitment.

The Cloud Analytics Academy is an online, vendor-agnostic training academy for analytics in the cloud. It was created by Snowflake and their partners Looker, Talend, WhereScape, AWS, Qubole, conDati, and Periscope Data. The Academy trains and certifies data professionals who want to advance their skills so they can meet fast-paced, evolving demand for data expertise – and it’s completely free. Sign up here. Snowflake also offers a free 30-day trial for their cloud data warehousing platform.

Microsoft offers a large array of detailed training for Power BI including guided learning that walks you through completing common tasks, examples of dashboards, reports, and other files to practice using, and in-depth articles for all of Power BI’s tools and features. It’s all available online for free, along with a free trial of Power BI so you can easily take it for a test drive.

Alteryx.com’s extensive array of resources include webinars, how-to videos, articles, interviews and more to offer everything from industry insight to hands-on training to complete specific tasks. Alteryx Academy is even more useful for users of all skill levels. You can find guided learning paths that Alteryx has created using their own curriculum, interactive lessons, videos, certifications, and even a weekly challenge that invites forum members to share their innovative solutions to data problems. They offer guided learning paths in Data Science, Intelligence Suite, Server Administration, and the Alteryx Analytics Hub. 

The Profisee website also offers an excellent array of featured content around data management including e-books, white papers, videos, and case studies. You can learn more about proper master data management practices, tips for implementation, and ways to avoid common pitfalls. 

MIT’s Open Courseware lets you take courses taught at the institute, which is great for brushing up on unused skills. The Mathematics (Probability and Statistics) and Engineering (Computer Science) courses may be particularly useful.

IBM is offering a completely free 9-course Data Science Professional Certification.

Andrew Ng’s well-known introductory Machine Learning course offered through Coursera lets you choose between auditing the course for free or purchasing it to earn the certificate. New to AI? He also has a great introductory AI course called AI for Everyone.

Learn with Google AI offers a huge catalog for machine learning that includes tutorials, videos, documents, and courses. They also have a Python course which is ideal if you already have a little bit of programming experience and want to learn more about how Python works.

Amazon AWS recently made all of their online training courses free. Be sure to check out the Machine Learning section. There are multiple curated paths under Machine Learning, including a Data Science path and a Developer path (more focused on data engineering). The curated paths can provide a template for learning the skills to become a data scientist.

Don’t forget that Onebridge also offers free training resources. We offer Dashboard Doctor sessions to help you get hands-on experience creating, improving, and solving problems with your dashboards in Tableau and Power BI. We also offer Zero-to-Snowflake workshops to show users how to get the most from their data warehouse in the cloud.

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