6 Surprising Ways Data Makes Life More Awesome

January 23, 2019
September 2, 2020

Thanks to our love of all things data-related, at Onebridge we’re always finding stories about how people, companies and governments are using their data to make life better. There’s a lot of news out there, and it’s easy to miss these stories if you aren’t looking for them. We thought we’d share our most recent favorites:

  • Chik-fil-A and The Home Depot Make the Most of Data with Visualization
    Even the fast food and home improvement industries have begun using their data for good. Burger King was clever with the use of location data and analytics to send coupons for penny Whoppers to customers within 600 feet of McDonald's. Chik-fil-A has advanced their data game by using Tableau to create enhanced visuals that allow them to interpret more insights from their data. They’ve reported that it now takes a fraction of the time to create their annual report. The Home Depot is making similar efforts with its Blinds.com offering.
  • South Russell Police Provide ‘Pet Management” Data System
    The South Russell police department in Geauga County, Ohio has provided citizens with a database to log their pet information and report lost/stolen pets. When residents report a missing pet, the data is sent directly to on-duty police officers so they can keep an eye out. They also have a ‘vacation watch’ program that allows residents to alert the police when they go on vacation. This data helps police better recognize suspicious activity.

  • Student Affairs Honored for Using Data to Improve Student Experiences
    After more than a decade of using data to improve student experiences, SUNY Oswego’s Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management won a national award for its efforts. The office used data to reevaluate open hours, offer quieter testing areas and more appointment availability, and redesign the delivery of some of its services.

  • Callaway Golf Uses Artificial Intelligence to Create Newest Clubs
    Callaway Golf used advanced data-driven techniques to create a design they say can make drives longer and increase ball speed. Through machine learning their system was able to analyze tens of thousands of iterations to choose the best one.

  • Year of Colour
    You can use this app to map out the dominant and most successful colors of your Instagram account. Year of Colour works by creating a visual representation of the dominant colors in your stream. Check out our 2018 Year of Colour here!
  • How Molly Moon’s Ice Cream Parlor Uses Data Analytics to Shape Their Menu
    As mentioned in the previous blog about the top 5 types of data analytics every business should know, Molly Moon’s offers the most delicious example of data analytics at work. After noticing that their two strawberry flavors weren’t performing well, they used data analytics to arrive at a solution that boosted their strawberry sales. Plus, now they offer Cookie Dough year-round--we call that a win-win.

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