Remote Work Through Data Analytics

Industry-Leading Remote Consulting Experience

Our data strategy and analytics consultants are experts in helping organizations achieve their business objectives with best practices for remote work. We use the full power of Microsoft’s tools, like MS Teams, to facilitate remote collaboration.

Our production engineers create a studio-quality experience for webinars, training, and remote consulting sessions. Since we already know how to work and do business online, we can help you hit the ground running, taking these changes in stride with little interruption to your business.

Power BI and Microsoft Teams

To help companies adapt to the new remote work standard, Microsoft is offering a free 6-month license of Office 365 E1 to all companies that aren’t currently licensing it. This version of Office 365 includes Microsoft Teams, the tool we use at Onebridge to enable collaboration when working remotely. MS Teams is the gold standard for facilitating remote collaboration effectively and securely.

See Microsoft's Article on Free 6-Month Trial

With Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Message each other or guests
  • Create workgroups
  • Make phone calls
  • Host meetings with internal and external attendees
  • Share files
  • Manage projects and track execution

MS Teams also provides an abundance of real-time workforce data which can be integrated with and visualized through Power BI. Together, these tools form a breakthrough combination for organization-wide remote team management. Our team can personally attest to its effectiveness as a remote work tool with both desktop and mobile capabilities. MS Teams and Power BI can:

  • See usage data for all employees, so you know who is working and when
  • Visualize collaboration relationships so you can see who is working with who to understand how your team is functioning
  • Integrate Power BI dashboards directly into MS Teams so all team members have immediate access to the data they need
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Project Management

Do you manage remote development teams? Microsoft Azure DevOps facilitates best practices for Agile methodology for remote teams. You can track work with configurable Kanban boards, interactive backlogs, and powerful planning tools. Onebridge has deep experience with Azure DevOps and can help you build dashboards to monitor and improve team performance.

  • Analyze sprint cycles by team member and tasks
  • Understand your team’s velocity curve to better manage deadlines and workflow
  • Quickly identify bottlenecks and maximize resource management

Data Enablement

In a nutshell, data-enablement is equipping your team to access, understand, and use data throughout your organization. It refers to a more comprehensive, holistic way of examining how your organization uses data and requires not only the appropriate people, processes, and technologies in place, but also innovative thinking and problem-solving. Onebridge has helped the largest organizations in healthcare/life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, and government implement Data-Enablement initiatives. We can help your organization with:

  • Developing an organization-wide data strategy
  • Understand your team’s velocity curve to better manage deadlines and workflow
  • Quickly identify bottlenecks and maximize resource management
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