The Data Planet - Vol. 09

September 15, 2021
September 15, 2021

Whether it’s recent news or just new to you, every two weeks the Data Planet serves up fascinating insights and resources from the data analytics and BI world.

Our snack-size summaries skip straight to the point.

This week’s edition of the Data Planet includes:

  • Power BI + Denodo = End-to-End Security through Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Determine if There’s Equal Pay Between Different Demographics Using ML and Alteryx Designer
  • Develop Production-Scale Modern Web Apps Quickly with Azure Static Web Apps
  • Software Worth Sharing: Vue.js

Power BI + Denodo = End-to-End Security through Single Sign-On (SSO)

Organizations can connect Microsoft Power BI to Denodo’s platform more seamlessly, as explained well in this interesting article about integrating Denodo and Power BI. The integration supports SSO. Essentially by using DirectQuery mode with Denodo, you are exchanging PBI cache layer for Denodo’s.

Find out how Power BI integrates with Denodo, supporting SSO

Determine If There’s Equal Pay Between Different Demographics Using ML and Alteryx Designer

This is a short and concise introduction to building a machine learning (ML) model on Alteryx.

As a side note, a common belief among new practitioners of data science is that there is a hierarchy of algorithms. Linear regression, then you “graduate” to tree-based models, then deep learning. The reality is that each has their pros and cons, and none are universally better than the other.

There is no shame in using a simple linear regression if it makes the most sense for the situation. This article explains how to create that linear regression model to tell whether there are pay equity differences between workers from different demographic groups at your company.

Start your own pay equity study using linear regression

Develop Production-Scale Modern Web Apps Quickly with Azure Static Web Apps

Let’s say that you have a REST API and want to put a simple UI over it. If you aren’t strong in programming, then using PowerApps probably makes sense.

An alternative for those more versed in web programming is static apps. Static websites are rendered client side using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Usually with some JS framework (Angular, React, Vue). These are opposed to server-side frameworks (ASP.NET, Drupal, & DJANGO).

Static websites are cheaper to run as there is no server-side processing. You just pay for the bandwidth to ship the files to the client. Azure Static Web Apps are free (with certain limitations).

If you are interested in the topic here is an article on the pros and cons of static web apps. You can also look into Blazor, an experimental way to use C# instead of JavaScript in web apps.

Learn about developing modern web apps quickly with Azure Static Web Apps

Software Worth Sharing: Vue.js

If you need to build out a website, Vue.js is a great front end and a personal preference of some of our Onebridge team members. It is a new, clean, and simple JavaScript framework. Use it with Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Functions to create an extremely cheap but powerful website.

Below, you’ll find a couple. The first is to the Vue.js site to explain what you need to know and provides documentation. The second link is to an article that walks you through how to build a server-less website on Azure that is pretty much free (less than $5 per month) with low to moderate usage. All this works with other JS frameworks like Angular and React.

Everything you need to know about Vue.js

How to Build a Vue.js App with Azure Static Web Apps Service

Knowledge is power, and you want that power at your fingertips.
Stay tuned for the next edition of the Data Planet.

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