How to Share Your Data Using Microsoft Power BI

February 27, 2019
August 24, 2020

Now that you’ve spent some time with visualizations and customizing your reports, the most important step is sharing with your team. Power BI offers several customizable ways to share and collaborate on your reports:

Publish reports from Power BI Desktop to the service.

This is extremely easy—just hit the Publish button on the Home tab in Power BI Desktop and your full report will be uploaded to the Power BI service, with a link provided for others to access.

If you need to bring printed dashboards to a meeting, in Power BI service select the three dots in the upper right and click Print dashboard. This works just like any Microsoft document printing and offers standard options to customize your print job. To print a report, with the report open on your workspace, click the File menu and then Print.

If you want to share the hard data behind a visualization, you can export it to CSV format by clicking the three dots on the visual and clicking Export data. You can also create a content pack that packages up a dashboard, report and dataset for others to use. From your workspace, click on the Settings icon (it looks like a gear) at the upper right and click Create content pack. When you select the dashboard you want to share, Power BI will auto-select the associated report and dataset.

Use Power BI Mobile to access reports and dashboards.

You can open dashboards in Power BI Mobile with a simple tap. When you discover something interesting, you can use the Annotate button in the upper right to draw on the tile, highlight certain areas of the visual, add shapes, and more. The Share link at the upper right lets you quickly show these insights to colleagues.

Publish reports online or through email.

With the report you want to share pulled up on your workspace, click the File menu and select Publish to web. You’ll get a snippet of HTML code so you can embed the report into a website, as well as a link you can share via email.

The flexibility of Power BI allows your colleagues options to access reports, dashboards and even source data in whatever way works best for them, increasing collaboration and keeping everyone on the same page.

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