Keys to Building Data Literacy

Keys to Building Data Literacy

It’s common to hear that data is the key to allowing any company to better solve customer needs, improve their services and operations, and make better decisions – but it isn’t. The only sure way to benefit from today’s golden age of data is through improved data literacy: the ability to interpret and make sense of data. True data literacy begins when most of your employees have data at their fingertips and know what to do with it. Our 5 Step Data Democratization Plan can help you overcome the roadblocks to data literacy:

  1. Conduct an audit to understand what data and technologies exist and how they’re currently used.
  2. Offer more widespread access to data and tools.
  3. Set up a learning strategy for data skills to empower teams to access and understand their data.
  4. Start building data awareness by sharing success stories.
  5. Set an expectation that employees consider data in every decision they make.


Download the Keys to Building Data Literacy white paper to learn more about how to drive data literacy throughout your organization to get faster time to value.

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