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Building Data Literacy to Boost Business Intelligence

The client recognized the impact that business intelligence could have on their company and had recently made a significant Power BI Premium Capacity purchase for business intelligence work. The next step was training to grow internal use champions and create users with enough technical expertise to make effective use of the tool.

Knowing that the success of their Power BI implementation depended on getting employees trained and comfortable with the new platform, they looked for an expert to help them build data literacy to get the most out of the important investment they’d made.

Custom-Tailored Power BI Training

As a strategic partner on this project, Onebridge was tasked with building out Power BI Training Courses to help get their end users up to speed with a wide array of beginner and intermediate level concepts. To accomplish this, the project team used educational best practices to compile a list of materials to facilitate the courses. We created a program that would be easy to learn from and enable ongoing self-education. Courses were split to drive more engagement, delivering knowledge at a reasonable and actionable pace.

To maximize engagement, the Onebridge team offered office hours outside of the training schedule so attendees could try out what they learned during training and come back with specific questions. In many cases, attendees were enthusiastic about what they were building but needed an extra piece of technical information or systemic knowledge to pull it together.

A New Culture of Data Competency

The training was highly successful. The combination of Onebridge’s collective experience, training ability, and in-depth knowledge of the customer's business models resulted in dozens of attendees across various courses, leading to an explosion of use cases for management and the development of end-users capable of building out results. The extra office hours kept attendees engaged in building their skills, regardless of their initial skill level – even those already quite familiar with Power BI learned something new.

Ultimately, the client was able to foster Data Literacy and Data Competency throughout their organization and empower end-users to get the full value from the tools they have. This also helped improve their understanding of the importance of data throughout their team, setting them on a path to success for future data analytics and business intelligence activities.

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