Remote Work Through Talent Management

Talent Management and Recruiting Solutions for Remote Teams

Unprecedented change doesn’t have to mean total disruption.In this quickly changing economic landscape, using augmented contingent talent placement or supplemental contingent team services to support active project demands and skills gaps is a great low-risk, proactive option.

Remote work is not just a passing phase, and virtual recruiting solutions are critical for the future of work. By expanding geography to embrace remote workers, they can hire the best talent for their specific need, not just the most available talent in their current area.

Remote Recruiting and Compliance

  • I-9 Compliant - We have over a decade of experience navigating talent management at the global level. Now is not the time to let red tape slow down your organization’s capabilities. With our help, it won’t.
  • Our team of highly skilled Recruitment Experts have a proven track record of remote talent acquisition across multiple geographies
  • We have contractors supplementing client project needs in a remote capacity around the country, with workers spanning 25 states
  • We are skilled in virtual interviewing using an arsenal of industry-leading tools to meet candidates on any channel they are present

Virtual Onboarding

Our recruiting services are tech-focused, with an expertise in data science, software development, and project management. Our unique experience in temporary staffing, remote recruiting, and direct-hire placement services allows you to find the perfect people to propel your organization toward its goals.

While many employers and employees alike are new to remote video interviewing, we’ve been doing it for years thanks to our global staffing experience. In good times or bad, video interviewing is a powerful tool that makes it easier to find great candidates with in-depth experience. In 2018, LinkedIn found that video interviews were one of the top recruiting trends. Companies of all sizes are embracing video interviews, including tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. This is one recruiting trend that won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Direct Hire Services

Identifying the right talent for a permanent position is pivotal. In today’s competitive talent market, finding the right blend of technical and interpersonal skills is a challenge.

Onebridge provides a customized, approach based on your needs with dedicated remote recruiting resources to help bridge the gaps between your company and top IT talent worldwide. We also offer complimentary behavioral assessment tools to ensure job-match success.

Managed Talent

When you have serious remote staffing and contingency goals, you need a program with reliable solutions. Our Remote Managed Talent Services (RMTS) provide dedicated account management and focuses on balancing quality, speed, and cost.

We use enhanced governance and controls to ensure maximum coverage for your program. Ask us about our experience and track record of success with enterprise clients nationwide.

Contingent Talent

Keeping up with the evolving needs of your organization’s IT objectives can be challenging and might require you to supplement your workforce with highly skilled remote contract resources.

Our service is designed to provide access to top IT talent to increase capacity or bridge skills gaps. It’s the flexible talent service you need that helps maximize the outcomes you want.

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