Remote Work Through App Dev

Enterprise-Focused Application Development Solutions

Onebridge is a leader in enterprise application development and integration. We have been enabling an agile and remote workforce for years. Let us show you the power of a comprehensive and integrated application landscape and the flexibility it enables in your organization’s future operation. Onebridge enables distributed workforces through advanced data and application integrations. 

Unify Your Data

Our advanced data and reporting processes expedite our customers’ ability to get answers to their questions across multiple environments regardless of technology stack or physical location. High standards of usability and interactivity are maintained alongside security and governance, providing your workforce with a continued single source of truth. Unifying your data offers employees information they can rely on in times of uncertainty and allows business leaders accurate insights to make business critical decisions at the right time.

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Integrated Analytic Applications

There are many benefits to an integrated application architecture:

  • Flexible operations regardless of where employees operate
  • The ability to collaboratively analyze data from anywhere in the world
  • Facilitates data centralization projects
  • Allows your employees to continue working in lockstep and driving results with minimal disruption to day-to-day priorities

Migrating and Managing Legacy Systems

Many organizations are still held-back and encumbered by legacy software and technology. Legacy data can be highly valuable for legal or financial reasons, and many companies have difficulty maintaining it and integrating old systems with new, rendering legacy data useless. Onebridge has decades of experience with legacy ERPs, CRMs, databases, and accounting systems. We can help you:

  • Build bridges to integrate these systems with modern technology, OR...
  • Create and implement a migration plan that minimizes risk and disruption to your business processes

Intranets and Customer Portals

As a Microsoft partner, Onebridge is equipped to help your organization get the most out of SharePoint and Microsoft Power Apps. These tools can build robust intranets to facilitate business processes and unify information throughout your organization.

Customer portals have been a growing trend for businesses as they move toward digital transformation, facilitating services and interactions through the web that previously required personal interaction. These tools are highly customizable. Without expert help, it can be difficult to navigate the myriad of options to design a tool that offers the functionality you need with the simplicity your users want.

Our software engineers and developers can help you expedite this process while improving customer service during these challenging times.

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