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  • Measure through-put and cycle-time around multi KPI’s to identify ways to eliminate cost, improve client satisfaction, and better service employees and vendors
  • Accurately forecast cashflow and effectively monitor the required metrics for better decision-making
  • Build process automation to reduce significant time spent on manual data gathering and analysis
  • Identify lag time in transaction processing


  • Information gathering by Onebridge to understand and align reporting requirements, needs, and current pain points
  • Constructed a framework that delivered a centralized agile business intelligence reporting system
  • Solutioned, built, and migrated multiple data sources to a cloud environment
  • Designed interactive visual dashboards connected directly to the data mart


  • Significant time savings due to reduction of the overall manual reporting effort across multiple departments
  • Increased efficiencies through the elimination of departmental silos and duplicated work effort
  • Eliminated hours of data manipulation and gathering time by empowering business analysts with a single, trusted source of data
  • Significantly increased internal customer satisfaction by enabling continuous and impactful data literacy in real-time
  • Reduced unnecessary borrowing costs and enabled cash optimization by providing clear and concise insight into daily operations to C-level leadership

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