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  • Automation of a long, manual reporting process that required multiple days and significant man hours to produce
  • Eliminate a multi-step, error prone forecasting process to accurately forecast sales and effectively monitor the required metrics for better decision-making
  • Reduce sales forecasting inaccuracies due to high seasonality fluctuation and historical data that didn’t reflect the current growth of the company


  • Information gathering to understand and align reporting requirements, needs, and current pain points
  • Constructed a framework and delivered a centralized agile business intelligence reporting system
  • Solutioned and built a centralized and consolidated dashboard for multiple, disparate reports
  • Designed interactive visual dashboards connected directly to the data mart


  • Eliminated hours of manual effort spent building financial reports by consolidating the process into a interactive visualizations connected directly to multiple, key data sources
  • Greater accuracy of sales demand and forecasting within 5-8% accuracy
  • Ability to reduce costs by maximizing inventory levels and buying power
  • Leverage weather data with predictive analytics to understand and predict the seasonality of demand leading to targeted distribution and a significant decrease in stock-outs
  • Increased efficiencies with the elimination of departmental silos and duplicated work effort
  • Unlocking and sharing of operational insights and knowledge throughout the enterprise

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