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Healthcare Leader Upgrades Customer Feedback Processes

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Onebridge worked with a leading research-based healthcare company to improve response agility and FDA compliance when addressing customer feedback. With a business reaching into nearly every aspect of healthcare and call centers around the globe collecting feedback, the client faced strict timelines and compliance regulations.


With dozens of KPIs developed, management can now evaluate each case objectively against established metrics. The business can also now track each individual case to see the entire timeline from start to finish, with the ability to spot recurring issues and patterns before they become a problem. It is now much easier for the business to maintain FDA compliance, and business users have self-service access to much faster, more valuable visuals and interactive elements in Tableau.


With different teams working on each issue to identify root causes, the client needed to track timelines more closely to ensure FDA compliance with regards to reporting. It was also important to evaluate cases step-by-step to understand where roadblocks occurred and how the process can be optimized to yield better results in less time.

The client had data science talent on board, but needed more expertise in creating valuable data visualizations in Tableau. Tableau also ran slowly and was not properly optimized for their business needs.


Without valuable visuals and dashboards, it was difficult to get visibility into complaint resolution, track timeframes, evaluate team performance and spot opportunities. Slow system performance also created delays in getting the limited insights that were available.


Onebridge worked with the client to identify all the needed KPIs to properly evaluate each complaint resolution case. We helped them build new dashboards that allowed them to allocate cases to handlers more efficiently, including an executive-specific dashboard that allows for a quick understanding of what’s most important to that business user.

Each team has a customized view of the reports based on the information they need most, with access allocated based on department/team/level. This has reduced clutter and helped users get the insights they need immediately to make better business decisions. We’ve also helped the client to optimize Tableau in terms of speed, eliminating many unused fields to enable processes to run faster.

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