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  • Develop and implement a set of models and simulation tools to enable Science-Driven Adaptive Programs
  • Improve scalability of clinical trial simulations
  • Reduce the manual effort and time required for clinical trial simulations
  • Improving accuracy of predictions through comprehensive simulations


  • Create a customized and adaptive simulator tool that is designed to simulate adaptive programs across the portfolio of clinical trials
  • Develop a custom, user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Build an enhanced Trial Simulation Tool
  • Centralize a catalogue of models, metadata and documentation
  • Identify a workflow-based registration process for authorized users
  • Automate execution and orchestration of program simulation with ability to incorporate adaptations from external events and/or analyses


  • Enabling execution of multiple trials and decision-making for ongoing future simulated trials
  • Enhanced user interface to expand graphical analysis capabilities and complete full catalog searches across functional areas
  • Execute more complex simulations of business-critical designs
  • Accommodate additional modeling software, such as NONMEM and Physiolab, as well as model-based design in MATLAB
  • Provided users a facility to design programs and specify decision points, numbers of trials to run and interim analysis

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